Rad Gal Doll - Greta the Artist
Rad Gal Doll - Greta the Artist

Rad Gal Doll - Greta the Artist

Rad Gal

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Art is the ultimate limitless pursuit, because if you can imagine it you can make it! And this little artist loves to create and recreate the beauty all around her. This Rad Gal career doll features a handmade tulle sequin skirt, re-purposed confetti top, hand painted apron and removable paint palette bracelet.  All dolls are made of a thick sturdy canvas to beautifully wear the many adventures they'll have with your little Rad Gal. Each doll has embroidered facial features, sewn in crown braids and shoes. This is a keepsake that you'll want to save and pass down; especially because of the memories you'll have of when your little one saw her own potential just a bit more clearly.

- Proudly Made in the USA

- Length 24"

RadGal is a girl positive brand to help you and your little look and feel RAD. Based in Washington state.