The Woods Hey Moon clay polymer wood leather jewelry necklace Mimas

Mimas Clay Necklace

Hey Moon Designs

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Mimas is one of Saturn's moons.  The moon is named after one of the Titan Giants in Greek mythology. U-Shape + Wood Orbit + Lucid Disc on tan leather.  Select U-shape and leather cord color when checking out.

Length of necklace: Approx. 16.75"in. 

Necklace is adjustable to your mood.

Materials: Polymer Clay + Wood + Leather 

Each necklace is unique and may vary slightly in marbling + design.

Hey Moon Designs integrates different elements to create statement jewelry with minimal design that focuses on earthy tones + geometrical shapes.  Each piece is hand-marbled, formed, and assembled by Hey Moon creator Scarlet Penaloza in Los Angeles.  "Hey Moon is inspired by the beauty of absolutely everything.  The name comes from the song 'Hey Moon' by John Maus, a song that helps me to just stop everything and feel present with the chaos of life."