Go with the Flow Period Tincture

Go with the Flow Period Tincture

Moon + Leaf

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225mgs C B D

Our favorite companion for period cramps. Expect love letters from your uterus.

  • Eases cramps and body tension

  • Features pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory C B D

  • Made with organic, plant-based ingredients

This magical potion features Cramp Bark, known to relax your uterine muscles, complemented by the likes of Wild Yam Root and Valerian Root to support your central nervous system and release muscles, blended with C B D in MCT oil.


Grain-based Alcohol*, Cramp Bark*, Motherwort*, Chamomile*, Wild Yam Root*, Valerian Root*, Skullcap*, Licorice Root*, Vanilla Extract*, Marshmallow Root*, Cinnamon Extract*, Stevia*, Hemp Extract in MCT