Mobile No. 23

Mobile No. 23

Circle and Line

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Every mobile is handmade with a limited production. Because the mobiles are handmade every mobile will vary slightly. This mobile is made of solid brass, which is lacquered to protect the surface. Although, the lacquer slows down the aging process, the brass is a natural material, and it will naturally darken with age.

Circle + Line is an Austin-based design studio that produces elegant, singular home goods. Corie Humble, our designer and founder, loves to pare her design process down to the most essential elements, to play with execution while remaining committed to the integrity of each piece. She believes that artful objects are also meaningful and that the role of each of our pieces is to reflect and elevate the aesthetics of any space. There are no gimmicks, no tricks, just beautiful objects suspended in space. The result is a breathtaking blend that elicits wonder and surprise.