The Woods Disco Panda Kids  kids children's multi color tie-dye sweatshirt hand dyed

Hand Tie-Dyed Sweatshirt

Disco Panda Kids

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Hand tie-dyed, super soft, comfy cotton sweatshirt. Hand tie-dyed in a family kitchen. Matching sweatpants available!

  • Because these are hand dyed, the pattern and colors will vary.
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry or tumble dry low

Los Angeles-based Disco Panda is a modern, bespoke and hand-made children’s clothing label made with an affection for peace, kindness and unity. With a focus on clean design, an urban flair and a monochromatic palette, DP's clothing is made for kid's who fight for their rights and spread a message of inclusion and love. Through the fusion of fashion and social activism, designer Ash Smith aims to foster and support the next generation of children and mini activists, who live in an evermore color-blind world, breaking both gender norms and stereotypes, while working towards a more peaceful, equal world for all of us. Disco Panda believes in raising our voices, rising to the occasion and giving back to the world in a positive way. 15% of DP's sales go to helping women and children around the world, or help support other causes that are important to us.